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Uwaga! Towar wysyłamy od poniedziałku do czwartku.
Attention! We ship goods from Monday to Thursday.
Aufmerksamkeit! Wir versenden Waren von Montag bis Donnerstag.
Attention! Nous expédions les marchandises du lundi au jeudi.
¡Atención! Enviamos mercancías de lunes a jueves.

STORM belt or STORM REVERSE belt? That is the question! 0

In this post, we want to introduce the concept of both belts, explain the differences and help you choose the right belt. It is worth reading the entire article to the end.

In short:

Storm Belt: The main belt is lined with Velcro and has loops on the inside around the entire circumference.
The inner belt, which is inserted into the belt loops of the trousers, has Velcro hooks sewn on the outside around the entire circumference.
Storm Reverse Belt: The main belt is lined with Velcro and has hooks on the inside around the entire circumference.
The inner belt, which is inserted into the belt loops of the trousers, has Velcro loops sewn on the outside around the entire circumference.

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10 years of Bayonet company! 0
10 years of Bayonet company!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

May 15'th marked exactly 10 years since Bayonet has been on the market!

Since 2013, we have been preparing products for you under our own brand and distributing Cobra® buckles and other AustriAlpin products. 10 years is a nice time to sum up and I could fill you with numbers but... why? For me, only one number is important. And in fact, when I was starting my company and imagining what could happen next, this was the one number that mattered most to me from the very beginning. I didn't know how many products I would make, how many customers I would serve, no one knows that when they start. I had no idea what the company would look like after 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. I didn't want to fight for the market with aggressive marketing, scratching for every percentage. I wanted to do my job in the good old style - what I do should work as long as possible, in the best possible way. What I wanted to achieve was: 0.02291% - this is the percentage of complaints about the products we make. 1 belt out of 4363 belts produced.

The company has existed for 10 years, but the first belts were created in 2012, and the first news about the belts was published on internet forums on November 9'th, 2012. Some of these forums no longer exist, but the belts are still in use. I'm proud that it all works out this way!

Yours faithfully,

Grzegorz Baranowski

Zmiany kodów kreskowych / Barcode exchange 0
Zmiany kodów kreskowych / Barcode exchange
UWAGA! W związku z obowiązkiem klasyfikacji GPC i zmianą w kodach kreskowych produktów, zaktualizowaliśmy numery GTIN (KODY KRESKOWE). Firmy korzystające z kodów kreskowych proszone są o kontakt, wyślemy aktualną listę nazw i kodów produktów.
ATTENTION! Due to the obligation to classify GPC and the change in product barcodes, we have updated the GTIN codes (BARCODES). Companies that use barcodes are kindly requested to contact us, we will send you an updated list of product names and codes.
Product codification of Cobra buckles and how to understand it 0
Buckle markings and how to read them?

FY - stands for Cobra® Pro Style buckles - a modernized model with a different shape of curves, preventing blocking with one lug, easier access to cooperating elements for cleaning.
50mm - means the width of the webbing slot,
K - stands for KTL Black colors,
V - means adjustable male half (V - versatile),
F - means female half constant (F - fixed).

Extended description in the article...

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How to weave a webbing through a buckle 0
How to weave a webbing through a buckle

According to the manufacturer's instructions for the AustriAlpin buckles, there is only one way to properly install the webbing in the adjustable buckle with a self-locking beam.

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Cooperating companies 0

Sklepy współpracujące w Polsce

4Shooter Warszawa Pasaż Ursynowski 3

3CityTactical Sopot ul. Jana z Kolna 35

Besthunters Warszawa Jutrzenki 91

e-Militaria Wrocław Różyckiego 1c/311

Jar-mix Militaria Słupsk Mikołaja Kopernika 2

Khakishop Kraków Rynek Główny 7/12

Military Zone Żywiec Dworcowa 10

Pentagon Katowice Mlynska 17

Predathor Warszawa Ogrodowa 4

Specshop Poznań Małe Grabary 2

Sprzętmilitarny Jarocin / Witaszyce Witaszyczki 66

Suwenir Częstochowa Św. Brata Alberta 3

TM Militaria Warszawa Bluecity, Tamka, Wola, Kraków, Gdynia, Szczecin, Wrocław, Katowice         


International Cooperators

Bayixiaoqu, Duyun city, China

Dodo_ss shop, Jiangxiaojing, China

Huiqian, Beitangqu Wuxi City, China

Mgear, Chengdu Sichuan, China

DiS. Bogdan Jakubek Vendryne 1179, 73994 Vendryne, Czech Republic Jesenicka 22, 78701 Sumperk, Czech Republic

Baltic Fox OÜ Raua 1/ Pronksi 6 Tallinn, Estonia

TACGEAR OÜ Kuru 8 50105 Tartu Estonia

Shanghai YanHe Network Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

Dark Tactical Ltd, Szeremi Sor 6, 1117 Budapest, Hungary

Landforce Via Lucrino 27ª, 00199 Roma, Italy

Utstyrskontroll AS Vindalsasen 43, 3728 Skien, Norway

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