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STORM belt or STORM REVERSE belt? That is the question! 0

In short:

Storm Belt: The main belt is lined with Velcro and has loops on the inside around the entire circumference.
The inner belt, which is inserted into the belt loops of the trousers, has Velcro hooks sewn on the outside around the entire circumference.
Storm Reverse Belt: The main belt is lined with Velcro and has hooks on the inside around the entire circumference.
The inner belt, which is inserted into the belt loops of the trousers, has Velcro loops sewn on the outside around the entire circumference.

Why this way? Sewing technology is important, especially for institutional clients:

Storm Belt

It is dedicated to professional use for the Army, Police and Special Services, and is made technologically correctly due to the sequence of sewing steps - first we sew Velcro on the main belt, then we turn the belt over and sew the folded 1cm tape as PALS to the MOLLE system. Each machine works the same - the lower thread spins freely, and the upper thread regulates the tension and appearance of the seam. When there are Velcro hooks on the bottom, the seam is not perfect due to the lower thread catching on the Velcro hooks and looping the lower thread. This technology of sewing PALS tape, with Velcro hooks on the bottom, is not correct, we cannot offer a product with a technological defect for the professional market. This is checked at the quality acceptance stage and products with technological defects are not accepted by institutional recipients.

We know that it is less comfortable for the user and that it may cause the inner waistband of clothes, car seat covers, etc. to stick, but it does not matter to soldiers.

In the case of sportsmen and weekend combat shooters, after leaving the shooting range, they still take off the main belt and the inner belt and put on another belt with a holster for concealed carrying of the weapon, because the inner belt fastened with Velcro will be too soft and too delicate to carry the gun. An additional advantage is that the main belt with soft Velcro on the bottom does not damage clothes when used on jackets during rain or on cold days.

Storm Reverse Belt

It was created as a proposal for people with specific needs, usually shooting instructors and security workers who, after completing shooting classes or duty, put their weapons in the weapons warehouse along with the main belt and do not return home with the gun. For them, the comfort of having an inner belt with soft Velcro is of paramount importance. We managed to develop the sewing technology in such a way that sewing PALS tapes to the MOLLE system is strong enough and aesthetic despite the use of Velcro hooks on the bottom of the belt.


Thanks to this approach, we have an offer for people with different needs. The only thing you need to consider is how you will use the inner belt before and after shooting. When using the set, during training and shooting, it does not matter how the belts are made. Much more important is how many folds the belt will withstand, how quickly the Velcro straps will wear out, whether the belt will not be permanently deformed after being put in the closet, and whether the belt can be easily cleaned of mud and dust. Storm and Storm Reverse belts can be washed under running water, dried in a warm and airy room, as long as not in the sun, and even washed in a mild liquid, protecting the buckle against damage in the washing machine. Guaranteed 10,000 uses of Velcro and a durable and indestructible construction allow us to offer a 5-year warranty on our products.

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