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Product codification of Cobra buckles and how to understand it 0
Buckle markings and how to read them?

Buckles markings:
FC50KVF - applies to Cobra® The Original buckle - no longer produced, but still on sale.
FY50KVF - applies to the Cobra® Pro Style buckle - a modernized model with a different shape of the curves, preventing blocking with one handle, easier access to cooperating elements for cleaning.

How to read the FY50KVF markings:

FY - the first two letters indicate the type of buckle, Cobra® Pro Style 9kN here

FX means Cobra® Pro Style 18kN buckle, FG means ITW Nexus polymer buckle, FI means Nautic steel clamp, FS means Super Cobra® buckle. FC stands for non-disconnectable Cobra® Frame buckles as well as frames and slideblocks (also previous models of The Original buckles), FM means Fashion Model buckle light and small.

50 - the numbers indicate the size of the webbing that will fit in the buckle, in mm

there are also 20mm, 25mm, 33mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm and 58mm sizes.

K - the fifth letter is the color code K is KTL black

other color markings are F foliage green, C coyote brown, E wolf gray, H hardcoated gray, etc.

V - means the adjustable half (versatile), the sixth letter always refers to the male half

F - means a fixed half, the seventh letter always refers to the female half

D means a half with mounted D-ring, O means a black D-ring G means a fixed half for a thicker strap (both male and female sides), S means a half adjustable for a thicker strap (both male and female sides).
The designation FF means both fixed halves, GG means both fixed halves for a thicker strap, VV means both adjustable halves, SS means both halves adjustable to a thicker strap, and example  SF means male adjustable to a thicker strap and female fixed.

Markings after the dash

XL are enlarged ears for opening the buckle, B are blackened standard ears, XB are enlarged and blackened, XS are smaller ones.
The +L marking means white letters on the buckle.
The marking -TE means that the buckle has been individually tested for strength.

Coding of the buckle halves

We do not sell buckles like that, but informative how to interpret the inscriptions on the buckle halves:
If the second character after the color code (sixth letter) is M, it means the male half of the clamp, as in the photo the FY50_MV half designation from male-versatile.
If the second character after the color code (sixth letter) is W, it means the female half of the buckle, as in the picture the marking of the half of the buckle is FY50_WF - from women-fixed.

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